CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) UPDATE: We are open during this time, and taking all necessary precautions to keep you – and your vehicle – safe.

4209 NE Sunset Blvd Suite 5 Renton WA 98059
Monday thru Friday 8-5

Car Repair Renton

Even with the reliability of today’s vehicles, they are still a piece of machinery and issues can arise. When repairs are needed, we are here to help by offering affordable Renton car repairs.

With our extensive training, and equipment we are well positioned to ensure the job is done right and at the best value to our clients. From minor brake repairs to major engine repairs, electrical issues to reliability problems, we are ready to provide our clients the clear understanding of the issue and the best course of resolution.

Yup, we're open!

We know this is a tough time, and that you may have concerns. Let us put your mind at ease:

How we’re dealing with things:

  • Of course, we are washing our hands frequently as everyone in America should during these uncertain times.
  • Any surface we touch in your vehicle will be disinfected before we hand it back to you.
  • Bathrooms and lobby are cleaned daily, and surfaces, handles, etc. are wiped down after each use.
  • Your keys will be sanitized before being returning to you.
  • We are allowing only 1 person in the lobby at a time to flatten the curve.